We Are Railfans Podcast - Siddy Holloway: Bringing London Underground secrets to life



November 25th, 2021

The London Underground has been a fascination for railfans the world over and naturally features on many 'bucket lists' for those both within the UK and beyond! Programmes like UKTV's Secrets of the London Underground reveal incredible tales and stories from the world's oldest underground railway and for this week's We Are Railfans Podcast, author, actor and presenter Siddy Holloway explains more about its hidden history and how she got involved with it all as Engagement Manager at the London Transport Museum.

You can listen to the episode here:

Or via a number of outlets here: https://pod.fo/e/fa39d Siddy-Holloway-LTM

Curiously, Siddy's origins are from a nation which has no railways! She was brought up in Iceland where only a small harbour railway once existed in the capital Reykjavík between 1913 and 1928. It's perhaps this lack of exposure to trains and railways that led to a more concentrated interest in the subject once Siddy had explored other parts of the world. Reykjavik-Rail This is the only section of railway in Iceland, normally adorned with a disused locomotive and formerly part of the industrial harbour railway. Iceland has never had a public railway system. Photo by Joe Rogers.

Educating people about the London Underground and London's wider transport systems started when Siddy worked with their schools programme but this developed over time into her current role creating and hosting hidden and virtual tours detailing the secrets of this amazing system and eventually sharing her insights with the world on TV! In both formats Siddy takes people down into the disused stations of the network where members of the public are never allowed to go.

You can find out more about the London Transport Museum over on their website, including information about the Hidden London Tours. Their YouTube Channel also features some great videos exploring the influence of the London Undeground within and beyond London, like the trains on the Isle of Wight.

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