We Are Railfans Podcast: Absolute Trains - Radio and the Railways



October 7th, 2021

At We Are Railfans, we've found that railfans and enthusiasts can pop up from all walks of life and so when we heard Absolute Radio presenter Richie Firth going through multiple unit photographs on one of this shows, we knew he'd be a perfect guest for the We Are Railfans podcast!

Richie has won numerous awards in radio and even attempted to break the record time for visiting every London Underground Station. In our latest podcast episode, Sam talks to him about growing into railfanning as a hobby, the importance of EMUs for commuters and their interest for railfans, and how simulation can help people indulge their interests as a solo hobby.

They also chat about Richie's own podcast Richie Firth: Travel Hacker as well as the links there might be between some of music's biggest stars and their interests in trains and modelling in particular.

You can listen to the episode here:

Or via a number of outlets here: https://podfollow.com/we-are-railfans-podcast/episode/6e12ccedc56edbd2c38fa52ab1cff900327f037b/view

Class_421_4-CIG_1309 Richie's first railway memories were of slam-door Class 421 EMUs near Eastbourne and Polegate. The example is at Clapham Junction. Photo © Steve Jones 2011. CC-BY 2.0 Image cropped to 16:9 format.

1280px-GA_Class_720_Interior As a daily commuter and railfan, the variety of rolling stock during the morning rush hour can make or break the journey. The comfort of the newer Class 720 interior (above) is appreciated after tough days in the office, but the nostalgic character of the less refined Class 317 (below) is sometimes a treat for the inner enthusiast. Photos by Superalbs, CC-BY SA 4.0 and Twingle600, CC-BY SA 3.0 1280px-Class_317

Feature image courtesy of Adam Lucas / Richie Firth

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